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The customer support and its maintenance is highly appreciated by the customers. We assure the best speed in the city. We provide sufficient bandwidth to ensure you experience the best internet experience without any hassle. There are lot of new offers and cherrinet broadband plans available. You can avail your customized cherrinet broadband packages as well. Our broadband plans also includes Free WI-FI modem along with the cherrinet broadband connections. You can avail our chennai cherrinet broadband plans. Some of our high speed cherrinet broadband connections :

We provide high speed cherrinet broadband in Chennai. We have attractive hi-speed cherrinet broadband plans.

We provide high speed cherrient broadband connections in chennai.

There are number of cherrinet broadband plans available to satisfy all the cherrinet broadband chennai users.

Our cherrinet broadband connections are very quick and secured. Cherrinet Broadband is one of the most preferred broadband in Chennai.

cherrinet broadband connection in chennai

Cherrinet new broadband connection plans

Residential Plans

Starting price: ₹999

G-Force Plans

Starting price: ₹9,999

SME Plans

Starting price ₹1,999

Life Plans

Starting price:₹799

Residential Plans

broadband connection in chennai

Starter Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 2000GB
  • Speed : 100 Mbps
  • Post FUP : 5 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 999

Starter NEO Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 2000 GB
  • Speed : 150Mbps
  • Post FUP : 5Mbps
  • Price : Rs 1299

Basic Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 2000 GB
  • Speed : 200Mbps
  • Post FUP : 5 Mbps
  • Price: Rs 1499

G-Force Plans

cherrinet broadband connection chennai

G-Force 2 Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 4 TB
  • Speed : 1 Gbps
  • Post FUP : 10 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 9,999

G-Force 6 Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 4 TB
  • Speed : 1 Gbps
  • Post FUP : 10 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 24,999

G-Force 10 Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 200 TB
  • Speed : 1 Gbps
  • Post FUP : 10 Mbps
  • Price: Rs 34,999

SME Plans

broadband connection chennai

SME Silver Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 2250 GB
  • Speed : 250 mbps
  • Post FUP : 2 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 1,999

SME Gold Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 3250 GB
  • Speed : 25 Mbps
  • Post FUP : 2 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 2,999

SME Diamond Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 4250 GB
  • Speed : 250 Mbps
  • Post FUP : 2 Mbps
  • Price: Rs 3,999

SME Platinum Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 5250 GB
  • Speed : 250 Mbps
  • Post FUP: 2 Mbps
  • Price : Rs 4,999

Life Plans

broadband new connection in chennai

LTE Plan - Cherrinet Broadband Service

  • Data : 80 GB
  • Speed : 40 Mbps
  • Post FUP : 512 Kbps
  • Price : Rs 799

Cherrinet Broadband Chennai is one of the top internet service providers. If you are searching for a reliable network in your location, then take a look at Cherrinet coverage areas in Chennai that will let you understand the connectivity it offers across the city.

There are several features that are incorporated with Cherrinet broadband plans that you need to know before purchasing it. The very first thing is, Cherrinet's broadband plans are economical. You will acquire high-speed internet connectivity without making dents in your bank account. One hundred and fifty Megabytes per second is the maximum speed offered by Cherrinet broadband Chennai which is actually worth the money. Moreover, Cherrinet makes use of direct service through fiber which is considered to be the highly-efficient mode of data transmission. You can avail uninterrupted network connectivity across the city by activating Cherrinet Broadband Chennai.

Cherrinet broadband plans are classified into residential plans, G-Force plans, SME Plans and Lite Plans. Cherrinet Wi-Fi router is absolutely free for residential and SME users regardless of the plans they choose. If you want to know more in detail about the plans that Cherrinet Broadband Chennai offers for the customers, just checkout below.

Residential plans

Cherrinet Broadband Chennai’s Starter plan would cost you around Rs.999/- and you will get 2000 GB data limit at 100Mbps. If the data usage crosses the limit, post FUP will be five Megabytes per second.

Starter Neo plan will provide the same data limit but the speed varies and you will be able to access the internet with 150 Mbps. If you choose this plan, you have to pay Rs.1,2999. However, the post FUP is as same as the previous plan.

Basic plans provide 200 Mbps which is considered to be the highest speed for just Rs.1,499. Other features like data limit and Post FUB remains the same.

G-Force plans will be suitable for commercial spaces as the maximum limit is twenty Terabytes and you'll be able to access high-speed internet in all G-Force Plans. G-Force 2 plan costs around Rs.9,999 which will provide a data limit of four Terabytes and G-Force 6 plan will provide twelve terabytes for Rs.24,999. You can utilize up to twenty Terabytes if you prefer G-Force 10 plan for Rs.34,999. Cherrinet Broadband Chennai is offering two terabytes of data at an affordable price. If you want uninterrupted and unlimited connection, then make use of the Cherrinet 666 plans to gain 2TB data with 100Mbps.

SME plans are classified as Silver (2250 GB) for Rs.1,999/-, Gold (3250GB) for Rs.2,999/-, Diamond (4250 GB) for Rs.3,999/- and Platinum (5250 GB) for Rs.4,999/-.The FUP limit is two Megabytes per second which remains identical in all the plans. Cherrinet Broadband Chennai provides an exclusive plan called "Lite" which is economical and preferred by most of the users. The data limit is set to 80GB and speed is forty Megabytes per second with post FUP rate 512 Kbps.

After checking out Cherrinet broadband Chennai plans, you would have decided about the plan you are going to enable. Just connect with Manimegalai enterprises for further more information.

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