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Sun Direct DTH New Connection Special Offer For To you Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Super Star HD Kondattam Pack

New Customers : 2200 for new HD Connection for 6 Months

  •  English Movies
  •  Hindi Movies
  •  Sports Channels
  •  Kids Movies

HD Box Connection

  • HD Box :   2299/-
  • 6 Month Free:   2299/-
  • 1 Year :   Call Us
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Recording + 1 Year Free Service and Warranty*

Android Box Connection

  • HD Box :   2499/-
  • 6 Month Free:   3499/-
  • 1 Year :   Call Us
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Recording + 1 Year Free Service and Warranty*

SD Box Connection

  • HD Box :   1499/-
  • 6 Month Free:   1599/-
  • 1 Year :   Call Us
  • Free Installation
  • 1 Year Free Recording + 1 Year Free Service and Warranty*

Features of Sun Direct Digital TV HD New Connection

Record your favourite
sitcoms and movies

30 days subscription free
with a new DTH connection

500+ SD & HD channels with
pocket-friendly plans

Single remote to control your
TV and Set-top Box

Free DTH

Sun Direct dth new connection

About Sun Direct Digital TV Connection SD, HD Set Top Box

Sun Direct India’s leading DTH service provider. Sun Direct Digital TV provides on demand services on connected boxes that includes a catalog of movies, TV series and other programmes across English and various Indian languages. It also offers interactive service such as imusicspace and game. The Sun Direct DTH gives various broadcast type one is standard definition and another high definition. The set top box is compatible with7.1 channel surround sound and is the first HD set top box in India to be compliant with the standard.

Why Buy a DTH New Connection at Manimegalai Enterprises

As the DTH service relies on satellite and there's not demand of wires signal like cable TV affiliation. With DTH service anybody will get prime quality digital signal on the TV. DTH is incredibly helpful within the remote locations wherever the poor quality signal of TV. The Manimegalai Enterprises gives to our new DTH connection with low cost, We are best DTH service provider in Tamil Nadu

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Sun Direct New DTH Connection Contact Number +91 8148898613

Sun Direct digital tv new connection

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Everything you need to know about Sun Direct DTH new connection

Choosing the right DTH connection is a big deal especially when it is for your family. There are plenty of choices for you but which is actually the right pick. What sets the DTH connections apart is the price they acquire. Most of the customers would prefer a connection that is comparatively less. Before selecting the DTH connection, you need to list the channels that are most-watched and compare the charges to find the best. Or else, you can select Sun Direct DTH new connection which is the perfect pick if you prefer high-quality pictures at an affordable cost.

Get Sun Direct DTH new connection to start watching your favorites shows without any hindrance. Here is everything you need to know about acquiring Sun Direct DTH new connection. Several features are incorporated along with a one-month pack of channels that you wish. The recording feature is one of the favorites of Sun Direct DTH users. Gear up to watch much-loved celebrities on TV shows and movies by obtaining Sun Direct Digital new connection.

Channels that you should never miss out

Connect with us right away and kick-off restriction-less viewing of your favorite channels. Adding the channels after obtaining Sun Direct DTH New connection is not a big deal. You can perform the addition of new channels effortlessly. The process is very similar to sending an SMS from your mobile device. If you have Sun Direct DTH channels’ frequency, then you can easily include them by sending an SMS. Make use of the bundle packages and special Sun Direct DTH plans exclusively available for you. By adding bundle packages, you don't have to include each and every channel individually. Remember that the channel frequencies vary based on the type of Sun Direct DTH connection you use. Standard and HD channels have their own frequencies and you need to add them separately. No matter where you use the Sun Direct DTH connection, the channel frequencies remain the same across the country. The minimum cost for adding a new channel to your Sun Direct DTH is just Rs.10.

Sun Direct Digital TV new connection price

Sun Direct Digital TV new connection price would be around Rs.1300 and you can add plans that incorporate the channels of your choice. By obtaining a very new Sun Direct Digital TV connection, you will get access to numerous perks like High-quality videos, Dolby Digital sound and more. You don't have to wait anymore to get an Sun Direct new DTH connection. Just connect with us and we will take complete responsibility in providing the best services to revolutionize the way you watch television. Vibrant and captivating picture quality is one of the best features that tempt viewers to go for Sun Direct Digital TV New connection. Know more in detail by connecting with us. We provide round the clock service for our customers and punctual as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)- About Sun Direct DTH New Connection

I am a new Sun Direct DTH customer. Where do I go to buy a new HD connection?

Click on Plans and Offers on the top navigation bar, choose the package that suits you and follow the steps to buy the Sun Direct set top box. Alternately, fill in your contact details in the form on the home page, and we will get back to you.

How do I upgrade my existing Sun Direct digital TV?

We have an exciting offer for existing Sun Direct digital TV customers. Click on Plans and Offers on the top navigation bar to see the details. Fill in your contact details in the form on the home page, and we will get back to you.

Can Standard Definition channels be viewed with Sun Direct digital TV HD set top box?

Yes, Standard Definition (SD) channels can also be viewed with Sun Direct digital TV HD set top box. These channels will be shown in SD format.

Will HD set top box be supported by regular Standard Definition Television (SDTV)?

If you don´t have HDTV, then Sun Direct set top box is compatible with your Standard Definition Television (SDTV). You can continue enjoying the HD broadcast in Standard format.

Is there any special installation requirement?

No, there is no special installation required for the HD set top box. You need to connect your HDTV to the STB using an HDMI cable (which comes included with the Set Top Box) and to your home theatre using an HDMI cable or an SPDIF cable